Feather fan care kit

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Feather fan care kit
Feather fan care kit
Feather fan care kit

The perfect way to care for your ostrich fans.

Your fans are a working prop and should be cared for as such. Over time fans become worn and may need a little attention. This kit will help you keep them stage ready. Before each show it's a good idea to tighten the bolts on the staves to make sure they don't work themselves loose, the wrenches the perfect size to allow you to tighten the staves easily.

Kit contains:

2x wrenches to easily tighten nut bolts

2x replacement staves (incase you snap one from over zealous dancing!)

2x lock nuts (incase you forget to tighten the bolts and you loose a nut)

2x lengths of replacement string

12x washers

12x clear small cable ties (handy to hold loose feathers in an emergency)

Designed to be used with my ostrich fans: